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PlayHQ Registration Steps


PlayHQ is the system for registering into a Lindfield Cricket Club team or program.


Cricket NSW in the 2022/23 season decided to transition from MyCricket to PlayHQ for registrations, live scoring and match information.

You may already know PlayHQ from AFL, Netball, Basketball or Hockey in which case you probably already have a PlayHQ account and the registration process will be familiar.


Lindfield's implementation of PlayHQ requires players to register to the club but not to a specific team. We will allocate all players to teams in the administration interface and communicate to all players after registrations close. We are open to anyone building and submitting a team of players to ensure school friends etc are training and playing together. We recommend you adopt the maximum player count outlined for a given age/competition plus an extra 1-2 players, see Programs and Competitions for 2023/24.


PlayHQ Registration involves the following steps which is covered in our own Lindfield PlayHQ Registration Guide found here - PDF download

Quick registration guide


The steps can be summarised as:

  1. If applicable retrieve your active kids voucher -

  2. Access the program or competition relevant to your child via accessing or by clicking any of the below:

  3. Login with an existing, or create a new PlayHQ account

  4. Enter your player details

  5. Apply your Active Kids voucher (this cannot be added after registration has been completed)

  6. Connect your PlayHQ ID to Cricket

  7. Checkout and Pay

  8. Receive 2 x confirmation emails from PlayHQ


After registration, a separate email from will be sent with your $60 voucher to access our online club clothing store for purchasing your training clothing items..


Unless detailed in your registration form we'll proceed to allocate you to the same team as last year or follow your rego form instructions. If you are looking to submit a team please email us the details, but we still require you to register and select your age / game format.

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