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Lindfield Cricket

Former Australian Test batsman Peter Toohey played many years for Lindfield Cricket Club 

In 1954 the club house as we know it today was built. The top wooden portion of the building was the original East Roseville YMCA building and was relocated by the local Council and placed on top of newly constructed showers and dressing rooms. In 1999, as a result of an agreement between the Lindfield District Cricket Club and the Lindfield Rugby club the social areas within the clubhouse were extensively renovated with the assistance of a NSW Government sports grant. 

The ground's winter occupant, namely the Lindfield Rugby club, commenced playing there in the late 1940's and excellent rapport has always been maintained between the two clubs. 

The club's second ground is at Acron Oval St Ives where it began playing firstly as Lindfield City and Suburban in 1962 and later in the late 1960’s as 3rd and 4th grade Shires. It is shared with St.Ives Junior AFL Club who play there during the winter months and is also under the jurisdiction of Ku-ring-gai Council. In 1990 a $100 000 renovation was completed to the Acron Oval Club house and has been enjoyed as a feature of the Club ever since. The facility is regarded as one of the best of its type in the Municipality. Since the early 1980’s the Club has played on the Koola Park turf wicket firstly in the local competition and now since 2000 in the 5th grade competitions. Since 1995 the Club has had access to its country cricket ground at Mandalong, near Morisset, where the Cricket Week, Masters and other social games are played. 

At the present time in the senior ranks the Club fields four grades in the Sydney Shires competition; an under-24 in the Shire’s Frank Gray Shield; two fifth grade teams in the Tim Creer Cup ( the “Blue” and the “Gold”); two sides in the local NSCA Competition; In the Master’s competition (over 40) which commenced in 1992 and now has 20 teams it has the Lindfield Legends and in the Classics Competition (over 50s) which started in 2008 it has two teams the Lawyers and the Larrikins. The Club has been on many overseas tours especially to the UK. 

Ever mindful of its role in providing training and playing facilities over the years the Club has obtained many Government grants and has worked with State High and Primary Schools and the Local Council in providing artificial turf playing and net training facilities for use by its members and the local community. Every year on Australia Day it conducts it’s very successful Charity Day “Big Bash” at Lindfield and Acron Ovals to provide much needed funds for local charities. 

During the year the Club conducts its Platinum Lunch at NSW Parliament house; the President’s Dinner at a local venue; the juniors “Back to Cricket day” as well as the junior and senior presentation events to conclude the season. The website is one of the best available and is full of current and historical information about the Club’s activities. 

Since 1923 the club has had many great, famous and illustrious players. Felix Taverner and Ross Smith are two of the greatest Lindfield legends which include Mark Taylor and Peter Toohey. 

The Club looks forward to its centenary in 2023. 

The Lindfield District Cricket Club was founded on the 18th July 1923 when a respected group of local Lindfield District residents met to create a cricket club for the enjoyment and advancement of cricket in the area. In 2023 the Club will celebrate its Centenary. 


The Lindfield District Cricket Club was founded on the 18th July 1923 when a respected group of local Lindfield District residents met at the Chess Hall at Pacific Highway Lindfield and decided to create a cricket club for the enjoyment and advancement of cricket in the area. The idea had its genesis as a result of WW1 when local Lindfield males were engaged in the heat of battle on the fields of France. Such were the horrific circumstances of that engagement that these soldiers decided if they ever were able to return home they would create a cricket club so that their children and descendants could enjoy the simple pleasures of life, including playing the greatest game of all. 

Upon their return they approached the local Ku-ring-gai Council who granted permission to set aside a parcel of land from a public reserve on Tryon Rd in East Lindfield which had been dedicated in 1904. In 1922 the 88 hectare public reserve was renamed Soldiers' Memorial Park. With voluntary labour and the assistance of Council, Lindfield Oval as we know it today was carved out from a rocky sandstone ridge. Befitting the memory of their fallen comrades in the War, the Gates of Remembrance were constructed at the entry to the Oval with the names of these comrades inscribed thereon. The gates and the Avenue of Remembrance were refurbished in 2008. The Garden of Remembrance decorated in English and Australian flora surrounded the gates in a beautiful setting to ensure the best environment to view the game of cricket. The original sandstone can be seen forming a retaining wall in the southern side of the ground. The physical setting of the venue is the same today as it was then. 

The Club has played cricket on the ground for every cricket season since 1923 despite the intervention of The Great Depression, the Second World War and other world events. 

Felix Taverner - one of Lindfield greatest players 


'From Cradle to Grave'

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