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Lindfield Cricket

Junior Mixed Cricket U9s - U17s

Registrations are open to boys and girls from U9s through to U17s. 

Competition cricket (or 'Whites' cricket) is the next step for a player after playing in U8 Cricket Blast (previously known as Master Blasters). 

Lindfield Junior Cricket Club enters teams in the NSJCA (Northern Suburbs Junior Cricket Association) season. The NSJCA competition has Lindfield players playing participation or competitive cricket from U9s through to U17s. 


Girls Cricket: If you would like to play in an all girls cricket team rather than a mixed competition please see more information here on our all girls teams.

What form of Cricket should you should register for in 2023/24? Click here to find out more information.


The age group a participant will play in is determined by the age of the child at 31st August in the year of registration. For example, if your child is 12 years old at 31st August he will play in U13. (Girls’ formats are different as it’s based on ability not age.) Click here for further information on Age Eligibility.

The U9 age group is non-competition - games can be won, lost, drawn and tied but there is no competition ladder.

From U10 onwards points are awarded and the top 4 teams will compete in Semi Finals and then Finals.

If you have any questions please contact the age co-ordinator below:
U10/11 Age Co-ordinator: Wally McColl,
All other age groups please contact Larissa Holmes,



U9-17 North Shore Junior Cricket “mixed” & Girls Competitions

20 Overs (Stage 1) Saturday 8am or 10.30am

20 Overs (Stage 1) Saturday 8am or 10.30am

20 Overs (Stage 1 - Participation) Saturday AM
20 Overs (Stage 2 - Competitive) Saturday PM
30 Overs (Stage 2 - Competitive) Saturday AM or Sunday AM

20 Overs (Stage 2) Saturday AM
20 Overs (Stage 2) Saturday PM
20 Overs (Stage 2) Sunday AM
30 Overs (Stage 2) Sunday AM

20 Overs (Stage 2) Sunday AM
30 Overs (Stage 2) Sunday AM

20 Overs Sunday AM

32 Overs Sunday AM

20 Overs Saturday 3.30pm


20 Overs Sunday AM
32 Overs TURF Sunday AM


20 Overs Sunday AM

32 Overs TURF Sunday AM


Junior (Stage 1 - Participation) Saturday 10.30am
Senior (Stage 1 - Participation) Saturday 1pm
Girls (Stage 2 - Competitive) Saturday 3.30pm
Senior (Stage 3) Saturday 1pm (pending ground availability)

Girls 20 Over Sunday AM 

Girls 30 Over Sunday AM 

If insufficient registrations are received for any competition category/time, we will work with you to reallocate your registration to another category.

Saturday morning games are either 8.30am or 10.30am. Saturday afternoon games are 1pm or 3.30pm. Sunday morning games are 9am.  Time slots for competitions will be allocated based on the number of teams entered in a particular age group/competition and the availability of grounds. 


All Lindfield U9 teams train on Friday nights from 5-6pm pm at Lindfield Oval, East Lindfield, by parent coaches or paid for coaches under the guidance of senior club coaches.

Other teams train once per week at either Lindfield or Killara. More detail on training times and locations will be provided following registration and team allocation.



At Lindfield we do not grade players allowing players to play with mates, and encourage coaches and managers to give all players a fair go. We welcome you to submit full or partial teams (email Larissa at to submit yours).


During registration players can nominate friends they wish to play with. Requests for players to play together with their friends will be taken into consideration wherever possible, but on occasion cannot be guaranteed eg, if players have different age eligibility.

The only age group that has Divisions is the U12s T20 Saturday PM Competition. There are 2 - 3 divisions and is the biggest competition in size. We can help advise which division would be suited to your team.


For keen cricketers you may register to play in multiple teams for the season eg, U11 T20 Saturday and U11 30 Overs Sunday. There is an additional fee of $120 to have a confirmed place in a second team. Girls can play in a Mixed comp as well as a Girls only comp.

The NSJCA rules and competition specifics is referred to as the “Blue Book” and addresses the specifics of each age group that can be viewed here

During registration please note which age group/format, day and time you wish to play.

If insufficient registrations are received for any competition category, we will work with you to reallocate your registration to another category.

Stage 1

  • U9 - U11s

  • 16m pitch length

  • T20 - 2 hour game

  • Participation format with batters and bowlers facing and delivering an equal number of deliveries


Stage 2

  • U11 - U13s

  • 18m pitch length

  • T20 or 30 over game

  • Competitive, 'out is out' format


Stage 3

  • U14 - U17s

  • Full pitch & game settings

  • 20 or 32 Overs

  • 11 players 

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