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Lindfield Cricket


Here's some questions we have been frequently asked..

A. The best teams can be those who have a mix of players from different schools, who share a passion for cricket and it broadens their friend and your parent network.

Q. I am unsure about registering my player without having any friends in the age group, or not knowing someone from the other school.

A. If your child is playing in an NSJCA team then dispensation up to U12s is required and is a simple process by placing a request through the Lindfield club registrar -
Please read the following information on age eligibility first: Lindfield Junior Cricket - Age Eligibility

Q. What rules apply if I want my child to play up an age group?

A. Have a look at the different age group competitions that may be suitable for your child depending upon which year they are in: Lindfield Junior Cricket - Private School Players

Q. Can my child play club cricket as well as private school sport?

A. Register for your primary team and email with details around the second team. There is an additional $120 registration to guarantee a spot in a second team. No additional fee is payable if you’re happy to fill in for any team that requires an extra player when they are short on players.

Q. My player wishes to play in 2 or more teams each weekend, to guarantee a position in both teams how do I register and is there an additional cost?

A. Yes, with PlayHQ we are simply catching your registration for the appropriate age / competition. We perform all the magic behind the scenes. If you'd like to submit an entire team let us know and we'll send a spreadsheet for you to populate to ensure no one is left out.

Q. After I register can I change my age group or game format?

A. As long as a player has completed a season of Skills Clinic then this is OK with a Year 1 minimum, but you might be asked to play 2 seasons in the U8 or U9 comp. We also acknowledge that there will be players who are considered young for their year or just miss the 31st August age group cut off. We get it that kids wish to play with their friends in the same year from school.

Q. Someone has registered their player for Cricket Blast and is in Year 1 (not Year 2) but has done a season Lindfield Skills Clinic.  Do we have a set rule or is it at our discretion?

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