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We are looking forward to welcoming previous and new players into Lindfield Girls Cricket.

If you have any questions about girls cricket please contact Larissa, our Junior Convenor at

We will make arrangements for your daughter to be placed into the most suitable competition.


Girls aged 7 to 17 play competition cricket against girls teams from other clubs on the North Shore, as part of the NSJCA Sixers Girls Cricket League. The season runs from September through to March. The competition uses modified rules to encourage maximum participation, providing an opportunity for newcomers to the game to develop their skills in a safe and relaxed environment. In the Girls Sixers league competition our Lindfield girls play in our new coloured match kit not the traditional 'whites'..

For Girls cricket, the skill level of the player is the key driver of what competition they should play in. Age is an indicator, but by no means is it the key factor. Girls will get the most enjoyment and growth through playing with others of a similar skill level.

The Sixers Girls Cricket League will comprise the following divisions, based on skills and age:

  • Junior Stage 1 - "participation cricket" for younger beginners, girls new to cricket typically in the age 8 to 10 range

  • Senior Stage 1 - for girls who have progressed through a season of Junior Stage 1

  • Stage 2 - T20 competition, typically for those in the age 11 to 14 range

  • Stage 3 - T20 competition, typically for those in the age 15 to 17 range

The Girls Only competitions listed below are subject to number of players registered. 


  • Girls Junior T20 - Stage 1 Participation format
    (for players that have never played or developing skills) - Generally U11
    Match time - Sat 10.30am



  • Girls Senior T20 - Stage 1 participation format
    (for players that have completed one season) - generally U13
    Match time - Sat 1pm TBC

  • Girls T20 - Stage 2 traditional format (out is out)
    Generally U15
    Match time - Sat 3.30pm TBC

  • Girls T20 - Stage 3 traditional format
    Generally U17 (strongest players for this competition)
    Match time - Sat 1pm TBC



All games are played in traditional (out is out) format.

  • Girls U17 T20 Stage 2

  • Girls U17 30 overs Stage 3

Match times 9am TBC

Lindfield Cricket Club

Junior mixed competition:
Girls may also participate in the junior mixed (girls and boys) competitions.

Please contact Larissa at if you have any questions about any of the girls cricket options.

New to Cricket?

Girls 5 to 8 years of age may join the Lindfield Cricket Skills Clinic. It is the ideal environment for girls who want to develop their skills before playing competitively. 

Completed one season of Skills Clinic?

Join a Lindfield team in the U8 Cricket Blast program.
Trainings held on Friday afternoons at Lindfield Oval & games on Saturday mornings at Hassall Park, St Ives.

Does your 9 or 10 or 11 year old girl have basic ball skills?

The U9, U10 or U11 "participation" cricket may suit your daughter. "Participation" cricket focuses on maximising participation.  Girls bowl a minimum 2 overs and face a set number of balls regardless if they get out.   

Your experienced 11+ is looking to play competitive cricket

If your daughter has cricket experience then she is ready to join U13, U15 or U17. 


For our youngest cricketers we have the following mixed programs available:

U7 Skills Clinic - More information and register
U8 Cricket Blast - More information and register

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