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Lindfield Cricket

What form of cricket should I register for in 2023/24?

Our club provides the following opportunities for junior cricketers:

  • Lindfield U7 Skills Clinic for boys & girls aged 5 - 6 yrs old (Kindergarten) - Lindfield Oval on Saturday mornings

  • U8 Cricket Blast Competition Program for boys & girls aged 6-8 (Year 1 or 2) - Friday Training and Saturday Game Day

  • U9 - U17 'Whites' mixed cricket, competition played against other clubs on the North Shore, games on Saturdays or Sundays (depending on the format & age group)

  • Sixers Girls Cricket League - girls only, 7 -17 yrs old, held Saturdays

Scroll down for information on these options:

  1. Beginners Options (Girls & Boys)

  2. Boys / Mixed Cricket Competitions

  3. Girls Only Cricket

Any questions? Email Larissa our Junior registrar:

For further details on age eligibility, and which group your child should register for, please visit this page: Lindfield Junior Cricket - Age Eligibility


U7 Lindfield Cricket Skills Clinic

Our own Skills Clinic is a 12-week program is the first step for most on their cricketing journey. For girls and boys aged 5-6 years old (Kindergarten) and held on Saturdays during school term from 8.00AM to 9.15 AM. Any events cancelled due to wet weather or ground closures will be added to the end of the season.


This is designed and delivered by club senior players, who deliver a skilled program that introduces basic cricket and general ball skills in a fun group environment. Parents are required to participate alongside their children and no cricket knowledge is required. Each week our coaches will focus on skill acquisition games for the first 45 minutes before breaking into smaller groups for a fun cricket match to end the session. Afterwards enjoy breakfast from the Lindfield BBQ.

Click here for more information on the U7 Lindfield Skills Clinic


U8 Woolworths Cricket Blast 
Typically players who have completed our Skills Clinic (or older players who are new to cricket) join this program. 

With all events aligned with the school term, players will be allocated to a team and will participate in Friday night (5-6pm) training by a parent coach or team paid coach. Coaches will be guided by the clubs weekly program with the support of an appointed head coach and club senior players.


Game day on Saturday is at Hassall Park, St Ives from 8:00 – 9:30AM, against teams from St Ives & Pymble. There is no keeping of scores, ladder or finals series, with the emphasis on participation to develop skills. It’s a great atmosphere with plenty to do whilst waiting to bat with more coaching and skills acquisition at the centre of the ground.

We encourage girls only teams to be created and permit girls to be older if they are new to cricket. 

Click here for more information on the U8 Cricket Blast Competition


Registrations are open to boys and girls from U9s through to U17s. 

Competition cricket (or 'Whites' cricket) is the next step for a player after playing in U8 Woolworths Cricket Blast

Lindfield Junior Cricket enters teams in the NSJCA (Northern Suburbs Junior Cricket Association) season. The NSJCA competition has teams playing participation or competitive cricket from U9s through to U17s. Games are played across North Shore locations. 

(Note: Girls can play in mixed teams in any of these competitions, or look for Girls only team competitions further down)


For keen cricketers you may register to play in multiple teams for the season eg, U11 T20 Saturday and U11 30 Overs Sunday. There is an additional fee of $120 to have a confirmed place in a second team. Girls can play in a Mixed comp as well as a Girls only comp.

The NSJCA rules and competition specifics is referred to as the “Blue Book” and addresses the specifics of each age group that can be viewed here

If you have any questions please contact the age co-ordinator below, particularly if you are new to the game:
U10/11 Age Co-ordinator: Wally McColl,
All other age groups please contact Larissa Holmes,

Click here for more information on Junior Cricket


Girls aged 7 to 17 play competition cricket against girls teams from other clubs on the North Shore, as part of the NSJCA Sixers Girls Cricket League. The season runs from Sept through to March.


The competition uses modified rules to encourage maximum participation, providing an opportunity for newcomers to the game to develop their skills in a safe and relaxed environment.


In the Girls Sixers league competition our Lindfield girls play in our new coloured match kit not the traditional 'whites'..

For Girls cricket, the skill level of the player is the key driver of what competition they should play in. Age is an indicator, but by no means is it the key factor. Girls will get the most enjoyment and growth through playing with others of a similar skill level.

Click here for more information on Junior Girls Cricket

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