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Lindfield Cricket

Sydney Shires Competition

The Sydney Shires Cricket Competition (formerly known as Municipal and Shires) was founded in 1923 and its main function has always been as an alternative competition to the Sydney Grade Competition, both of which are conducted in the metropolitan suburbs of Sydney. Lindfield District Cricket Club was one of the founding teams in this competition and celebrates in Centenary Season in 2022/23.

Although many over the years have viewed Shires Cricket as a second tier competition to Sydney Grade Cricket, it is now widely acknowledged that the standard of play in Shires extensively crosses over with Grade Cricket. Many now agree that Shires First Grade is equivalent in standard to play conducted in SCA Second Grade Cricket.

Shires cricket began in 1923, initially as a one-grade competition. In 1928 a second grade was added to the competition, with the terms "A" Division and "B" Division used to differentiate between the two grades. The competition continued in this format, right through until 1957, at which time a "C" Division was created. Further expansion in 1982 saw the competition extend to a "D" Division. Finally in 1987 the competition saw the need to create a subsidiary competition, to be played as limited overs matches on selected Sundays, for players under the age of 24. Initially this competition was restricted to five Sunday rounds but it has since been extended to seven. This competition was named "The Frank Gray Shield". In 1993 the phrasing of "A" to "D" to describe teams rankings was changed to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Shires.


The structure of cricket in Sydney has always revolved around the Sydney Grade Competition and its governing body, the Sydney Cricket Association (SCA). The SCA has also been the governing body for the Shires competition.

Tim Creer Cup

The Tim Creer Cup is a weekly one-day competition between the Sydney Shire clubs. Prior to 2007/08 the competition was known as the Metropolitan Cup and had been set up by South Sydney president Peter Daffen to cater for the excess players who were not able to secure a position in Sydney Shires grades 1-4. It was renamed the Tim Creer Cup after Lindfield and Epping legend Tim Creer, who played Shires cricket from 1954 until 2006. Its purpose remains as an opportunity for excess shire players, including those wanting to play the one-day format of the game due to business and family commitments.

It is conducted as an ex-officio competition to the Sydney Shires Competition by the Sydney Shires sub-committee. In due course the aim is to bring it under the umbrella of the Sydney Cricket Association. At present, 10 out of the 14 shires clubs field teams in the Tim Creer Cup. The administration of the competition is performed by Bruce Whitehouse formerly of Georges River, now with Cricket NSW.

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