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Lindfield Cricket

Lindfield Masters, Classics and Vintage

Lindfield Masters and Classics - Masters (over 40s), Classics (over 50s) & Vintage (over 60s)


Are you considering rekindling your passion for sports? Watching the Ashes and feeling nostalgic?
Look no further than Lindfield Cricket Club, where we offer dedicated teams for players in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.


Cricket provides an incredible opportunity for social engagement and camaraderie, connecting you with like-minded individuals and fostering lasting friendships. Embrace the low-impact nature of cricket, which promotes physical fitness and sharpens mental agility, contributing to your overall well-being. Experience the thrill of competition and the joy of challenging yourself at any age – cricket offers just that.


Embracing the sport as a more ‘mature’ player enables you to stay active, build lasting relationships, and relish the joy of the game regardless of age, proving that cricket truly is a sport for everyone, at any stage of life.

Lindfield offers a true cradle to grave cricket experience.

We have teams in Sydney competitions for - Over 40s Masters, - Over 50s Classics and - Over 60s Vintage.

Each team plays on every second weekend, that’s around 11 games a season! Just enough for the ‘mature’ player.

MASTERS TEAM - THE LEGENDS - This is our over 40s side.


If you think that when you turn 40 you give away cricket and go shopping with your partner at weekends, then think again!
A great way to ease out of grade or shires or even a comeback from your glory days!

It's great fun and a little easier on the body but very competitive none the less.

They play every second Sunday in the Sydney Masters League which consists of 16 teams.  

If you want to keep playing or wish to play some extra cricket, then contact:
Paul  Mobile: 0424 154 872


CLASSICS TEAM - THE LARRIKINS – This is our over 50s side.


The natural progression from the Masters is into the Over 50s, known as the Larrikins.

Perfect for those that want to dust off the pads, oil up the old bat and get amongst like minded gentlemen. 

Great camaraderie and good fun cricket.

Classics also play every second Sunday (alternate with Masters) in the Sydney Classics League which consists of 16 teams. 

To be part of Classics cricket please contact:

Stuart Mobile: 0418 249 481


THE VINTAGE TEAM - THE LANCERS – This is our over 60s side.


For some they enjoyed the over 40s & 50s so much they all wanted to keep on playing in the 60s!

Or perhaps you’re an empty nester, no more ‘mum & dad’ taxi service, no more running around to kid’s games on the weekend.

How do you stay fit and healthy? - Play over 60’s cricket that’s how!

This year will see a full over 60’s competition – the Sydney Vintage Masters league which will consist of 12 teams in 2021/22.

On turf, with great blokes, and a beer or red wine after the game…it’s the best ‘every second’ Sunday you’ll ever have.

We also have mid week games available for those retired gentlemen with lots of time on their hands, and of course great cricket carnivals all over Australia.

To be part of  Vintage cricket please contact:

Stuart Mobile: 0418 249 481

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