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Electronic Scoring in PlayHQ

PlayHQ have developed a new web based electronic scoring solution that will work across all common devices (Laptops, Mobile phones, Tablets etc.). This new product will replace the MyCricket LiveScore App. The new solution will include features that match those offered by the current MyCricket LiveScore product, with the long-term aim of providing a better scoring experience for users.

System Benefits: PlayHQ’ s e-scoring platform will efficiently manage data from thousands of community cricket matches, letting administrators and participants score matches and record stats online in real time. The intuitive and easy to use web-based platform saves time for volunteers as match results and player scores are automatically uploaded to the MyCricket App. This also ensure that participants, parents, and supporters can access game day results and scores on any device! Similarities to the ‘MyCricket Live Score App’:

  • PlayHQ’ s electronic platform is free to use

  • The ability to score offline remains

  • Compatible with mobile and tablet devices

Improvements compared to the ‘MyCricket Live Score App’:

  • Is a web-based platform that will update immediately with new releases, not requiring users to manually update an app each time

  • Compatible with laptop devices

  • The platform is cloud-based and can scale up during peak season times resulting in improved performance, including ensuring that ‘device takeover’ is more streamlined and simpler

E-Scoring Webinars: Across September and October, Cricket Australia and Cricket NSW will be providing train on the new PlayHQ e-scoring platform. These sessions will provide attendees with an understanding of how games need to be setup to be scored within PlayHQ, as well as a complete walkthrough of the e-scoring product. Learning outcomes from the PlayHQ e-scoring webinar include:

  • Setting up to score a game

  • Navigating the features of PlayHQ e-scoring

  • Demonstration of scoring match scenarios

Resources: To assist in getting ready for the season ahead, Cricket Australia in collaboration with PlayHQ have created the following resources:

  • Match Set Up Video - Get use to the new way of setting up matches. Watch the video and make sure you are ready to go ahead of your next match on PlayHQ

  • E-Scoring How to Video - The future of live scoring is here! Learn how to use the new PlayHQ e-scoring platform by watching the video here.

  • PlayHQ e-scoring Guide - Still a little bit unsure how to use the e-scoring platform? Look at PlayHQ’ s step-by-step guide by clicking the button below. You will also be able to download a PDF version of this guide and print off for any scorers that might be new to scoring.

  • E-Scoring Test Game - You've read through the support resources, and you think you are ready to test your skills? Click the button below to score 3 action-packed overs of cricket, in a fully guided demo match!

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