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Lindfield Cricket

Exploring the World of Blind Cricket

A Day of Discovery: Lindfield Cricket Meets Blind Cricket

Recently, some of our Lindfield Cricket junior players had a unique opportunity to participate in a special event in partnership with Blind Sports NSW, engaging in trial games of Blind Cricket. This remarkable experience allowed our players to join forces with cricket enthusiasts with visual impairments and play a sport they love in a truly inclusive and competitive environment.

Blind cricket in Australia represents an adaptation of the traditional sport, tailored to accommodate visually impaired athletes. This inclusive and competitive form of cricket has gained popularity and recognition as a platform for visually impaired individuals to showcase their talent, determination, and passion for the game.

Our Lindfield players approached the game with curiosity and many questions:

  • How is Blind Cricket played?

  • How do you bat or bowl when you can't see the ball?

  • How do you field?

  • What if the ball stops in the field; how do you find it?

  • How do you know where the stumps are?

  • Do you throw or roll the ball?

Before the game commenced, our players received a briefing on the game's intricacies, learned how it's played, and had some of their questions answered, the rest would be answered by experience! They were also given the chance to wear glasses simulating various vision impairments and fully embraced the challenge by wearing them throughout the full 15 overs.

One of the unique aspects of blind cricket is the hard plastic ball which contains ball bearings that produce sound, allowing the players to track it through auditory cues. The ball is bowled under arm so that the ball can be heard.

This day served as a fantastic learning experience for all our Lindfield cricketers, fostering understanding and respect for the blind cricket community. It was a truly humbling experience, and we encourage more of our junior players to embrace the opportunity when we organise our next session.

Blind cricket transcends mere competition; it symbolises the resilience and spirit of its participants, offering visually impaired individuals a chance to partake in a team sport, boosting their physical fitness, self-esteem, and sense of belonging. The sport has a structured national league and has seen remarkable growth over the years, with many states and territories in Australia having their own blind cricket associations.

Our aim of the trial games is to build an understanding that:

  • cricket is a sport much larger than that played by our kids on the weekends

  • sport is for everyone, and for all abilities

  • to provide some perspective for children through the sport they love

  • there are many opportunities to volunteer their time as they grow older (including Duke of Edinburgh)

A huge thank you to Niv (Lindfield Cricket) and Jason Stubbs (Blind Cricket NSW) for coordinating this event, and to Barker College for hosting us. We hope to see more of our Lindfield players sign up for the next fixture! Stay tuned…

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