New - 2021-22 Selection Policy
Date of Event Lindfield Cricket Club: Tue Jul 27, 2021 6:18PM

Throughout the season, selection is one of the most important and contentious issues for the Club and also for individuals. It is the source of much discussion and sometimes argument. Because of this, Lindfield Cricket Club has decided to develop and implement a written Selection Policy so that the selection process is more transparent and fully understood by all players, club members and people on the selection panel. Much of this policy will not be new but will simply confirm and clarify various informal practices that have occurred since the Club began.

This document relates to Lindfield Seniors, and specifically excludes Lindfield Juniors and Lindfield Masters/Classics/Vintage.



Selections will be made to balance the following needs for the Club:

  • To select the strongest XI for each grade in which the Club fields a team
  • For the Club to have regard to its future by promoting and developing youth
  • To be fair and consistent in the treatment of players





Players who have paid their fees by the due date or who have a payment plan approved by the Club will be given preference in the selection process over players who haven’t.


A player’s performance will be assessed over a number of matches, not just a single performance and the quality of opposition will also be taken into account. Each player’s performances are recorded on the My Cricket website and are available for everyone to see. Based on these, players may move from grade to grade. Whilst a very important factor, form is not the only indicator for selection.


The actual players ability is a critical factor in determining which team he plays in.


All players are required to attend training sessions scheduled by the Coach. Standard sessions are on Tuesday (lower grades) and Thursday (higher grades) evenings during the season. Pre-season training is on Sundays. If players are unable to attend training, it is their responsibility to advise the Coach, Club Captain or their Captain of their situation. Lack of communication and interest to attend training sessions will be seen a detrimental for selection.


Young players who have the potential to play in higher grades may be given preference in selection. This does not mean however, that older players will automatically make way for younger players regardless of performance.



A captain is entitled to have team balance, both in relation to the spread of batsmen and bowlers in the team as well as the type of batsmen and bowlers. Team balance may also vary between one-day and two-day games, plus youth and maturity.


It is expected that all players will approach training sessions in the same way that they would approach a game. Players are expected to work hard during training and support each other at all times. If this happens at training it will also happen in games. All players must wear the correct training attire as directed by the Club.


Players who are committed for every round of the season will be preferred over players who are only available intermittently. The validity of absences will be taken into account. For example, an unavoidable work shift is a good reason, a mate’s birthday party is not.

A player who is unavailable will not automatically return to the last grade they played.


The Club’s best interest may sometimes be greater than a team’s best interest, and that can be a selection consideration. For example, if one team is realistically out of finals contention, their selections may be affected.


Players bringing the Club or the game of cricket into disrepute will jeopardise their chances of future selection.



Selection Meeting

The Selection Panel will meet on Tuesday evenings to discuss and agree the selection of teams for the upcoming round. This meeting is chaired by the Chairman of Selectors.

Communication of Selection Decisions

Players are entitled to be individually notified that they have been promoted or demoted and the reason for that decision. This communication will take place prior to the teams being announced and the communication of this decision is the responsibility of either the Captain of the Grade of the Chairman of Selectors. Team sheets will be posted to the “Lindfield – Seniors” Facebook Group.

Player Complaints and Grievance Procedure

Players are to contact the Chairman of Selectors (CoS) with any suggestions or feedback on selection decisions. If the matter cannot be quickly resolved the matter must be referred to the Club Committee. The Club Committee appoints the CoS and Selections Committee.



The 2021-22 Selection Committee will consist of the following:

Chairman of Selectors (CoS)Alex Brown

Role: Attend Saturday and Sunday games to observe players. Chair selection meetings and ensure compliance with selection policy. Communicate with players. Casting vote on player selection when required.




A new role has been created this year and it will be filled by Club Secretary Jeff Bolt. The Selections Administrator’s role is limited to keeping statistics records up to date (where-ever possible), advise on player availability, competition qualification, registration status and player financial status with the Club.



Senior Grades - One to Chappelow


First Grade CaptainJoshua Trewin

Role: A selector for first grade team selection and input where necessary on lower grades.


Second Grade Captain & Club CaptainSteven Watts

Role: Selector for second grade and all other grades.


Third Grade CaptainGaurav Gajewar

Role: A selector for third grade team selection and input where necessary on surrounding grades.


Fourth Grade CaptainGeoff Spotswood

Role: A selector for the fourth grade team and input where necessary on surrounding grades.


Fifth GradeAdam Rose (TBC)

Role: A selector for fifth grade team selection and input where necessary on surrounding grades.


ChappelowGreg Hough

Role: A selector for Chappelow grade team selection and input on where necessary on higher grades.


Under 24s


Under 24s - Captain – Henry Chapman

Role: U24s Selector


Under 24s Coach and Development– Scott Chapman

Role: Selector for the U24s team and provide advice on youth player development and Lindfield Juniors Pathway and Gordon Pathway Program.




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Author: Hamish Mathers