Lindfield Masters and Classics

Masters (over 40's), Classics (over 50's) & Veterans(over 60's)
If you think that when you turn 40 you give away cricket and go shopping with your partner at weekends, then think again!
Lindfield offers a true cradle to grave cricket experience.

Masters - The Legends

This is our over 40s side, known as the Legends.  They play every second Sunday in the Sydney Masters League which consists of 16 teams. 
If you want to keep playing or wish to play some extra cricket then contact:
Paul Sproules -  Mobile: 0424 154 872



 Classics – The Larrikins

The natural progression from the Masters is into the Over 50s, known as the Larrikins.  They also play every second Sunday (alternate with Masters) in the Sydney Classics League which consists of 18 teams. 
To be part of Classics cricket please contact:
Tony Austin -  Mobile: 0414 965 005
Aged Cricket is growing around Sydney.  The Port Jackson Cricket Association runs over 60s games mid-week.  They also send numerous teams to the State Over 50s and Over 60s Carnivals and the Over 60s National Championships.

There is strong networking amongst players and many friendships made.  Also Douglas Latto organises many Over 50s overseas tours - open to all Sydneysiders.

So come and be part of the fun whilst playing the game that you love!